Time & Attendance System

Easy Time and Attendance 

Save administrative time, reduce costly errors and simplify payroll with accurate data from a comprehensive timekeeping solution.


PTO Tracking and Management

Automate the tracking of paid time off and provide employees with instant visibility into time earned and time used.


Do Scheduling Right 

Organize your schedules with ease and accuracy while ensuring complete coverage, reducing overtime and balancing workloads.


Empower Employees, Everywhere 

Meet the challenges of the mobile workforce head on with a mobile app that empowers your team while cutting administrative time.


Save Time While Taking Time 

With complete self-service functionality, employees won’t need to spend their time—or yours—while managing time off.




Today’s automated timekeeping technology is a powerful resource for businesses; both large and small.  These systems are designed to offer exceptional convenience and to substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of administration and labor. Our product is simple to use, practical and still capable of handling your various timekeeping needs. We reduce your cost of labor one pay period at a time!




Convenience vs. Savings 

Often, employers considering using an automated timekeeping system are motivated by the convenience or reducing administrative costs and human error. However, what is often overlooked is exactly how much companies can save by tracking their employees to the minute with an automated solution!


A True Investment Opportunity: Automated Timekeeping! 

What most business owners do not realize is that an automated timekeeping solution will not only pay for itself year after year, but it can also generate immense additional savings. These savings stretch beyond simply reducing labor costs, eliminating human error and reducing administrative staff time. Consideration should also be given to time saved by supervisors and other staff members involved in payroll preparation each pay period.


Why Automated Timekeeping? 

1. Eliminate hours of unnecessary and costly manual data entry.

2. Manage employer reporting requirements for the Affordable Care Act.

3. Minimize wasted labor minutes and employee time theft.

4. Increase profitability while reducing administrative time.

5. Protect your organization from labor disputes and costly audits.

6. Streamline time card management with automated time punch collection.

7. Secure online reports provide you with meaningful data on-demand.

8. Reduce costly administrative human error and employee dissatisfaction.

9. Ease the stress associated with payroll preparation through automation.

10. Increase accountability and correct costly employee habits.


Providing Real Solutions 

Today’s business world thrives on efficiency and convenience. Our timekeeping package was designed to meet those objectives and most importantly, to reduce your company’s cost of labor. Our product is simple, practical and still capable of handling a diverse range of timekeeping needs.


Product Features Include: 

1. “Plug-and-play” setup and installation

2. No software to install

3. Easy data collection: swipe, PIN, web or mobile browser, biometric, proximity badger key fob

4. Analog, ethernet and cellular data transmission

5. Data editing and reporting is conveniently performed online

6. Minimize manual data entry, human error, or tedious data preparation

7. Schedule employee hours in advance

8. Flexible and immediate reporting on your labor force

9. On-site time clock portability