Human Resources

We offer a wide variety of consulting and project-based human resources services based on your individual needs.




We provide comprehensive human capital management solutions for a variety of businesses in the United States. We have developed fully integrated HR management solutions that allow us to effectively and efficiently become the best outsourced human resources department for our clients. Our human resources services are ideal for a variety of businesses that do not have an HR department or their current HR department requires some assistance. We can customize our services according to your needs, whether through retained partnerships or on a project basis. We are problem solvers; helping companies solve their HR issues and implement strategic plans which improve the company’s effectiveness and overall bottom line.  We can provide customized employee handbooks, hiring and termination packages, sexual harassment training and employee related regulatory guidance.





Our approach to delivering HR solutions is practical, cost effective and allows you to be proactive in managing an HR program that minimizes your exposure to risk in today’s business climate. We offer all the services of a human resources department without any of the overhead that comes with hiring a full-time Human Resources Manager. We also specialize in HR policy development, management training and employee assessments. Additionally, we design compensation and benefit programs, employee attraction and retention plans and performance management solutions.




Private Level HR (Full Service HR) – Fully outsource your HR department while staying in control 


* Compliance


* Recruitment


* Hiring


* Discipline


* Separation


* EDD Claims


* Benefits (Open enrollment and ongoing enrollments)


* Compensation


* Training


* Worker’s Compensation


* Safety


* Audit


* Process Implementation/Streamline


* Policies & Procedures



Custom Made – able to customize from an array of HR services


* Handbook


* Forms/Templates


* Training


* Surveys


* EDD Claims Management


* Employee Survey


* Salary Survey


* Incident Investigation


* Performance Evaluation


*California Mandated Sexual Harassment Training


*Labor Law Posters


* Worker’s Compensation Management


Our Scope of Work:


1. Hiring employees – Hiring process forms and checklists


2. Developing policies – Employee handbook, forms and checklists


3. Leaves of Absence – FMLA, PDL, PFL, CFRA, Disability and Worker’s Compensation


4. Other Benefits – PTO, vacation and sick policies


5. Paying employees – Compliance elements


6. Ensuring workplace safety and safety training


7. Preventing discrimination and harassment – Sexual harassment training


8. Employee separations – Exit interview and COBRA


9. Injury and illness prevention program


10. Emergency action plan


11. California and Federal employment posters


12. Assist with EDD claims and EDD appeals


13. Assist with involuntary terminations and layoffs


14. Creating job descriptions








HR Connection (Hourly) = Flat hourly rate.


HR Lite (Small companies with 25 employees or less) = Monthly fee applies; one-year contract required.


HR360 = Online access to our HR library where you can find HR advice, 1000’s of downloadable forms, ability to perform evaluations, employee handbooks, customized job descriptions, HR law search for all 50 States, HR law update emails, HR training videos and many other useful HR functionalities.


HR Management – Level I (Silver) 

* Employee Size – 25 to 100


HR Management – Level II (Gold) 

* Employee Size – 100 to 250


HR Management – Level III (Platinum) 

* Employee Size – 250 to 500


HR Management – Level IV (Diamond) 

* Employee Size – 500 +





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