Landegger Baron Law Group

For over 35 years California employers have relied upon our Firm’s expertise to help them navigate the State’s complex and ever-changing employee focused labor laws. We believe that education is the first line of defense, and that knowledgeable employers backed by an experienced legal team can better protect themselves from the heavy cost of civil litigation.



The building blocks for long-lasting relationships with our clients are based on the simple formula that placing your company’s interests as priority one builds trust, which in turn, allows us to tailor our representation to match your needs and bring about the best possible results. Our Firm is well known for resolving disputes before they begin, for concerted and focused mediation, and for tough and vigorous litigation and trial.



We have a specialty in complex wage and hour cases and have settled over 50 notable class actions. We understand the importance of employment practices liability insurance and enjoy great success in partnering with carriers who have come to rely upon our expertise to conclude cases at the lowest cost and minimal risk.



We promote our “education first” philosophy with the following services available to both current and prospective clients:

– Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

– How to Discipline and Terminate Without Being Sued. (Mgmt. Series)

– HR Training 101

– Employee Handbook Design

– Wage and Hour Compliance Audits

– Mandatory Forms and Policies Required by the California Labor Code

– Complimentary Monthly Workshops, Webinars, and Seminars Covering Important Legal Updates and Current Trends.