About HRC




HRC Service was founded in 2005 by Reza Khan; a hospitality veteran with 34 years of experience. HRC was started to primarily assist the hospitality industry but from humble beginnings, HRC experienced significant growth and we have now expanded our services to various industries. We are a leading provider of full service payroll processing, outsourced human resources, accounting and financial services, time and attendance software and labor management services.

Our Philosophy


We aim to provide our clients with topnotch care for their business and with their associates by providing a high level of customer service. HRC’s core value is to provide our clients, business partners and associates with a long lasting and fruitful working relationship. We truly believe that in order to create a synergy that produces results; it starts with your people, your product and your profit. HRC provides executives and management with an array of services to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our mission is to become your business partner by using integrated solutions and delivering solutions through a combination of technology and our highly skilled professional team to achieve superior organizational and financial results.




“We strive to bring our cutting-edge technology and years of experience to cultivate the ultimate relationship between employer; employee; and technology”


Our goal is to create an environment where employer and employee can achieve a harmonious and rewarding relationship while complying with federal, state and local compliance laws. We look after the employer’s interest and make sure your policies and procedures are implemented and followed. Employees are welcome to call us whenever they are seeking guidance, have comments or suggestions, or need assistance or advice.




This way the employer can focus on instituting their policies, procedures and compliance requirements through us. We are a company that focuses on being employee-centric while protecting the employer’s best interests. We take care of your employees as if they were our own; while representing your company with positive and effective results.



We believe in a simple philosophy: take care of your employees the same way you want them to take care of your customers. 



We aim to create a positive and rewarding environment where employees come to the workplace with a desire to do their best and bring innovative ideas that will enhance the business. In the ever-changing world of laws and regulations, this can create quite the daunting task for the employer. In turn, the employers time is often taken away from being able to focus on the core of the business. HRC is here to demystify the constant changing rules and regulations placed on employers and provide rapidly executed and sound solutions.



We are a results driven company believing in People, Product and Profitability.

“Together we manage your human capital”